Sunday, 27 November 2011

Puss in boots

Any girl loves a bargain and I am the happiest when I come across one. These boots are very fine example - not only bought in quite unexpected place but also for quite unexpected price. One day last year during my weekly shopping in Tesco I went to check their clothes section and there they were - black leather (!) knee-high boots with grey stripe running all the way down on the outside and grey leather lining. And all that on sale (and in my size) for £15. Love them dearly.

So how to get a great bargain? Look in unexpected places (Tesco definitely is one), wait out the sales - sales of sales are best, who doesn't love to see additional 20% off item on 50% sale already? And obviously - internet. Not only eBay but also internet shops of you favourite brands - sometimes they sell current season items on already reduced price (although still full price in the shop).

Sound like a bit of hard work but when you do get a bargain it really makes your day (every day when you wear your find)

Have a great week

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dream boots

I saw those boots in the shop about a month ago but didn't have my size. "I'll look around" I said. So I did. In five different branches, online, went to my nearby branch every day for 2 weeks (they know me there by now). And today I went again to have the shopkeeper tell me that they were waiting for those boots to come for so long and they just can't get hold of them anymore.
The thing is, that branch had those boots in stock all this time but in size 9. I'm size 7-8. See where I'm getting with my story? Yes. I'm a proud owner of size 9 boots I've been wanting for so long. Fortunately they tie at the ankle so I won't loose them when walking :)

See what I mean? I'll just add black tights, oversized jumper and I'm ready. Worth having too much space for my toes.

Boots and Clutch - New Look, Sequined skirt (doubles up as a top)  - H&M


Monday, 21 November 2011

Nail it

As there is such a variety of nail varnishes, different colours, toppers, effects, etc. it always takes me ages when I walk into a shop to stock up on my supplies. One thing I do not like however is "crackle" - the top layer that forms something resembling cracks on top of your nail varnish. I tried and took it off immediately. Just not my thing.
What I do like is matte top coat that turns any varnish into matte finish

Please excuse the quality of this pic, not sure if you can see the effect properly, I promise to try better next time :) But it shows the matt varnish with gunmetal painted on top. Having the matte under slightly sparkly gives really interesting effect.

To get that effect I started with two layers of Nail Paint by Barry M in Grey, then Essence Matt top coat (got this one in Poland, but every nail varnish brand makes matte top coat now). When dry I painted top half of my nails with Collection2000 All That Jazz.

Got couple of compliments on it already ;)


Sunday, 20 November 2011

It's my (arm) party

After looooong break I'm back. Got new camera for my bday and I promised myself that I will not neglect my blog anymore.
So autumn is really and truly upon us. It's cold and crisp mornings, chilly days and damp and cold afternoons. What to wear? Answer - layers.
This weekend we went to our first this year "Santa's Grotto" follow by (v short) trip to local park. Too cold. Especially as I decided to wear my shoes with no socks on :) Mistake.


Jacket - TKMaxx, Scarf - H&M, Trousers  - River Island, Shoes - New Look

I'm currently in love with "arm party". It's a way of piling your bracelets, bands and watch on one arm to make it look like a very cautiosly planned chaos. It's not as easy as it sounds. I'm constantly adjusting and adding to my arm party and am still long way from my ideal.

 Bracelets - H&M, New Look, Cuff - New Look, Watch - Sekonda

And today I found SmoothXmas radiostation on my DAB. As it's only 5 weeks till Christmas I am officially in Christmas mood from now on

Have a great week