Sunday, 27 November 2011

Puss in boots

Any girl loves a bargain and I am the happiest when I come across one. These boots are very fine example - not only bought in quite unexpected place but also for quite unexpected price. One day last year during my weekly shopping in Tesco I went to check their clothes section and there they were - black leather (!) knee-high boots with grey stripe running all the way down on the outside and grey leather lining. And all that on sale (and in my size) for £15. Love them dearly.

So how to get a great bargain? Look in unexpected places (Tesco definitely is one), wait out the sales - sales of sales are best, who doesn't love to see additional 20% off item on 50% sale already? And obviously - internet. Not only eBay but also internet shops of you favourite brands - sometimes they sell current season items on already reduced price (although still full price in the shop).

Sound like a bit of hard work but when you do get a bargain it really makes your day (every day when you wear your find)

Have a great week

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