Monday, 21 November 2011

Nail it

As there is such a variety of nail varnishes, different colours, toppers, effects, etc. it always takes me ages when I walk into a shop to stock up on my supplies. One thing I do not like however is "crackle" - the top layer that forms something resembling cracks on top of your nail varnish. I tried and took it off immediately. Just not my thing.
What I do like is matte top coat that turns any varnish into matte finish

Please excuse the quality of this pic, not sure if you can see the effect properly, I promise to try better next time :) But it shows the matt varnish with gunmetal painted on top. Having the matte under slightly sparkly gives really interesting effect.

To get that effect I started with two layers of Nail Paint by Barry M in Grey, then Essence Matt top coat (got this one in Poland, but every nail varnish brand makes matte top coat now). When dry I painted top half of my nails with Collection2000 All That Jazz.

Got couple of compliments on it already ;)


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