Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dream boots

I saw those boots in the shop about a month ago but didn't have my size. "I'll look around" I said. So I did. In five different branches, online, went to my nearby branch every day for 2 weeks (they know me there by now). And today I went again to have the shopkeeper tell me that they were waiting for those boots to come for so long and they just can't get hold of them anymore.
The thing is, that branch had those boots in stock all this time but in size 9. I'm size 7-8. See where I'm getting with my story? Yes. I'm a proud owner of size 9 boots I've been wanting for so long. Fortunately they tie at the ankle so I won't loose them when walking :)

See what I mean? I'll just add black tights, oversized jumper and I'm ready. Worth having too much space for my toes.

Boots and Clutch - New Look, Sequined skirt (doubles up as a top)  - H&M


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