Friday, 10 February 2012

Aye aye captain!

So as the title obviously suggest it I want to write about eyes today :) About mascara to be precise.
I am one of those women who never leave house without any make up. And yes, it means going to a corner shop too. My make up staple is mascara. I don't need much for my basic make up, just concealer for my dark circles, a bit of powder and mascara. Without the latter I feel half naked. And I also look half awake.
Hence finding the perfect mascara that actually does to my eyelashes what it says it will has been my life-long mission.

These are my recent purchases. Some proved a hit some a total miss. What I want my mascara to do to my eyelashes is to make them appear longer and thicker without clumping. What I do not want it to do is to make my lashes look "natural". I'm more after fake eyelashes effect (hey, we all need some fakery in our lives).

And the winners are:

From left: Soap&Glory Thick and Fast, Astor Big&Beautiful Boom, Benefit BadGal Lash (the best so far, I always go back to this one).
There should also be L'Oreal Million Lashes but I finished one recently.

But I'm still looking for that miracle mascara that WILL give my the fake lashes effect. I'll keep you posted

Have a great Friday

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