Saturday, 17 March 2012


I don't want to brag but I always get lots of compliments on how smooth my skin is. Not that I let everyone touch me and stroke me but close friends and family sometimes do :) And it's true - my skin is very soft but it's a result of my bordering on obsessive moisturising. I've got quite dry skin and ever since I was a teenager I was smothering myself in all different types of creams, balms and oils.
I can't go for more than 5 minutes after bath or shower (especially if it includes shaving) without putting moisturiser on.
There is couple of things I like my cream (lotion, oil, etc) to have - nutty or fruity scent, rich consistency that sinks in well and preferably as little nasty chemicals as possible.

I don't tend to stick to one product or one brand, there is so many choices on the market that every month there is something new and exciting to try.
Here are my recent favourites:
  • GARNIER BODY INTENSIVE NOURISHING LOTION - lovely consistency, even better scent and really does what promises  - my skin feels very soft and moisturised after use.
  • NAKED BE SMOOTH BODY CREAM - one of the more "natural" brands claiming to have 97% natural ingredients. Great moisturising, not too keen on smell.

  • JERGENS NATURALS SKIN FIRMING LOTION - also "natural"brand, also claims to be 97% natural. Probably my favourite, love absolutely everything about it - smell, consistency, the way my skin feels after use and to top it off, very handy pump dispenser.

  • AKAMUTI MACADAMIA OIL - fab brand offering 100% natural products, this is great body treat, very rich with fantastic nutty smell, this is not something I use daily but more as a weekly treat as it is 100% cold pressed oil from macadamia nuts so obviously doesn't absorb that well. But after a bit of massaging and a bit of waiting it does sink in and leaves my skin smooth and happy

And in summer I love a bit of sparkle on my skin so on top of my moisturiser I use body oil
and my absolute favourite is Sephora Body Sparkle Oil (why, oh why there is no Sephora in UK? Why???)

 Not only do they look beautiful but they smell as delicious as their names - Chocolate Praline (with a bit of brown tint - great on tan) and Sweet Cake. YUM!

And talking about delicious - a picture of cupcakes I made earlier today (did I mention that I like baking?)

Have a lovely weekend

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  1. Those cupcakes look yummy! I definitely like shimmer on my legs in the summer. I used to use a product called Fabulous Bath (no longer in business) and they had a lotion that had a slight golden shimmer to it. It actually gave my legs a bit of color. I loved it.