Saturday, 12 May 2012


Dear all, I've been away from my computer for too long but there is a reason for my absence. I'm pregnant with our second baby. 14 weeks gone. For the past two months I wasn't keen to do much more than sleep but that stage is gone and now I feel like I can move mountains (comparing to previous months that is).
But from the moment I found out about pregnancy I knew what I'm going to do on my blog. I intend to prove that you don't need to spend a penny for maternity wear (except for underwear and a pair or two of trousers - no matter how much lycra there is in your skinnies you cant stretch it that far). I'm lucky as I don't have to worry about winter clothes which would be a bit more tricky but anyway, I'm going to try and show you how to shop in your normal way and end up with clothes that you'll be able to wear after pregnancy (without looking like you are wearing a tent).

And to all the girls that are not pregnant (the majority of my lovely readers) - I promise not to bore you about my state - Fashionholic is a fashion blog and so it will stay :)

Here is couple of pics of my recent purchases that I bought with intention of wearing now, later (when whale-like size) and way after the new arrival :)

All dresses/ white to and flower top H&M, animal print top Dorothy Perkins

And if someone is interested in how to shop avoiding maternity wear departments, here is couple of ideas:

  • always look for fabric with lot of stretch that can grow and shrink with you
  • don't be afraid of clothes that will accentuate your figure - it's possibly the only time where you don't have to be self-conscious about bumps and lumps ;)
  • all throughout pregnancy you can look as fashionable/ sexy/ edgy/ trendy etc. as before

Enjoy your weekend

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