Thursday, 17 May 2012

Let there be sun(tan)

I really like being tanned, I don't think that pale is interesting (at least not on me). I love when my skin gets this healthy, brown glow instead of tired, worn out, dull, winter shade. Just recently we returned from lovely holidays at my parents' in Poland where the weather was incredibly hot and sunny for this time of year. So without much effort I got my lovely, early summer tan. But now, back in cold, damp and rainy London it's difficult to maintain the results. I can't use sunbed this year (yes, I do use it every year for couple of sessions before summer. And I'm not afraid to admit it) so I have to find different ways to fake the effects of the sun.
And here is my fake-it kit:

Baaaardzo lubie miec opalona skore, nie zgadzam sie z ludzmi, ktorzy probuja mi wmowic, ze bladosc jest interesujaca (to takie angielskie powiedzenie, stworzone chyba na potrzeby pocieszenia wszystkich "angielskich roz" ktore w kontakcie ze sloncem zamieniaja sie natychmiast w raki). Niedawno wrocilismy od moich Rodzicow w Polsce, gdzie pogoda zaskoczyla wszystkich letnimi upalami i sloncem. Po dwoch tygodniach wrocilam z lekka opalenizna, ktorej niestety nie ma jak utrzymac w Londynie z racji bezustanego deszczu i zimna. Nie moge w tym roku korzystac z solarium (tak, chodze co roku na pare sesji przed latem i nie wstydze sie do tego przyznac :) ), wiec musialam znalezc inne rozwiazanie na oszukiwanie.
A tak wyglada moj zestaw do udawania:

From left: Pretty Polly Bronzed Leg Gloss, Dove Summer Glow gradual tan moisturiser, trusty Sephora Sparkling Body Oil
Bottom: Sunkissed bronze shimmer body powder.

I really like the idea of gradual tan moisturiser - it's basically your daily moisturiser with a bit of fake tan lotion mixed in so when you apply it your tan develops slowly over three - four days. Just remember to use gloves when applying it - although not as concentrated as regular fake tan lotion, it still leaves marks in least wanted places.

This brilliant leg gloss is a stick that you run in long strokes all the way up your leg and then just blend it gently with your hands. One application lasts only until you wash it off.

I tend to use the bronzing body powder on my collarbones and down my cleavage creating V effect (apparently it creates illusion of deeper cleavage. Not sure, but who am I to argue...)

And finally my favourite sparkling body oil. It's got lovely texture, it gives a hint of bronze, it sparkles gently and it smells amazing (note to Olutek - you would not agree with me here - it smells of toffee/ chocolate ;) ).
Not sure if you can see on the last picture but I tried to capture the slight colour difference on my forearm (where I used the oil) and my hand.

All these products create gentle bronzing effect and that's what makes it really great. You can build it up as you wish and not look patchy or orange. That's never a good look.

Have fun fake tanning:)

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